About Us

Our Mission

We specialize in creating fun and interactive adventures using augmented-reality gaming. With the help of Pokémon GO, our team has developed a completely new way to discover Austin, TX and beyond.

How it all started

Sparked by the experience of first playing Pokemon GO in the backseat of a car, founder Philip Loyd was blown away by how fun and exciting this game could be. In just 4 days, this idea of leading Pokemon GO specific tours through Austin became a reality. Since launching in July, our team is continuing to expand out this unique tour concept to new cities and new modes of transportation by 2017.

“Great fun! Guides are great, food and snacks delicious, stops were loaded with Pokemon, and we almost, almost caught ’em all! LOL. Highly recommend for a fun, productive Poke-filled time.” – Kara

“My kids and I loved this pokemon bus adventure! Crazy fun and go go go! My little ones want to go back and catch more ! GREAT family fun ! Definately going again!” – Jonna

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