Choose this Pokemon Party Bus Tour if you are a member of Team Mystic!

This bus is specifically designed for members of team Mystic but you’re welcome to bring friends or family from other teams with you. The more the merrier!

WHEN: Saturday, 9/3 – 6:30pm-11pm
WHERE: Auditorium Shores – 900 W. Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78704
PRICE: $35

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Check-in starts at 6:30pm. ID is required to enter the bus. 21+ only. Alcohol on the bus will be complimentary.

Tours begin at 7pm @ Auditorium shores near downtown Austin. Auditorium Shores was chosen as a starting point for it’s robust variety of Pokemon to catch. Our bus will be parked near the entrance to the dog park. Check-in starts at 6:30 and we suggest showing up a little before hand in order to check out the parks several Pokestops and gyms. The dog park and surrounding areas are famous for farming Charmanders.

Once you enter the bus, you will be greeted by cold beers, jello shots, music and fellow team members! Each bus is exclusive to your particular team making it easier to take gyms while we’re on our tour. The bus will have plenty to drink including water and you’re welcome to bring any snacks you’d like.

The bus will make several stops during the tour. Once we depart Auditorium Shores, we will make our way to the infamous 6th street. On our way to the bar you will have plenty of opportunities to catch Pokemon and load up on items as we pass by over 20 stops. Once we get to the bar, if lures aren’t already in place, one of the PMG staff members will drop lures so you don’t have to worry about using your own.

Next we will make our way to the State Capital. This is a hot spot for many different Pokemon and we promise you won’t leave disappointed! You can choose to either spread out on your own, follow one of our staff members who use a combination of Pokevision and Pokemon tracking through the application to search for specific more rare species. Before we leave, we will take over the capital gym as a group. Max gym level is 10 and we are confident with a group this large we will be able to get the most popular gym in Austin up to that level!

Once we leave the capital it’s back on the trail for rare species. We will head to a more secluded location where we will be able to farm a specific type of pokemon!

At the end of the tour prizes will be given out. These prizes are based on the most XP gained during the tour. 1st place will win a $20 Apple gift card and 2nd place will win a $10 Apple gift card (MORE INCUBATORS, YES!). For our last stop, we will head to a local Austin Brewery that also happens to be a Poke Gym. This stop has a large selection of food, beer and wines. Let’s take one more gym as a team before the night is up!

Around 10:30 the bus will head back to Auditorium shores to have you back to your rides as close to 11pm as possible.

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** This event is organized by Pokemon Party Austin, sponsored by Pokemon GO City Tours **